Thursday, 18 September 2014

dbForge Studio for MySQL 6.0.568


Is a cutting-edge administration tool and development environment for professional working with MySQL databases.

Extended features provide an easier way to quickly explore databases, manage schema objects, setup user accounts and privileges, develop stored routines, and synchronize data between databases. With dbForge Studio you will visually create complex SQL queries, export data with additional settings, format your SQL scripts, create offline projects synchronizing them with a live database and more.

features :
* Database Designer - a state-of-the-art visual database design tool [New]
* Database projects for offline database development
* Advanced stored routine debugger
* Powerful schema comparison and synchronization tool
* Powerful data comparison and synchronization tool
* Context-sensitive code completion
* Quick code navigation
* Automatic SQL syntax check
* Customizable SQL formatting
* Handy schema object editors
* Visual Query Builder
* Integrated Security Manager
* Server maintenance toolkit
* Schema export and import wizards
* SQL templates library
* Schema object search engine
* Multiformat data export
* Full support of MySQL versions 3.23-6.0
* Direct access to a server


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